Information Screen Saver - Released

ISS allows you to schedule multimedia files on your PC as a desktop screensaver.
Add images, videos and Flash animations to your screensaver which will be played in sequence for the duration you select. Insert scrolling banner messages to appear with text of your choice.
ISS works on any Windows based workstation.

More information at

Asset Force - Released

After several months development, Asset Force is released via the dedicated website and store front,

In Development - Asset Force

Asset Force in development

Asset Force, a offline IT asset management tool is in development. Asset force will allow managers of large IT estates to track hardware assets over large geographic areas, more details soon.

Dive Logger Released

Dive Logger has been updated to add some more new exciting features to our lightweight scuba diver, dive logging application.
We've fixed a few minor bugs (always good) but also added a Global Statistics tab which shows you at a glance information about all your dives so far such as:

Dive Logger Reviewed by Softpedia

Dive Logger has been reviewed by Softpedia and listed on their website. "Dive Logger is a handy and reliable utility designed to track and keep records of your diving experiences" is how Softpedia described Dive Logger. It's good to know that Dive Logger has been tested by an independent source and was good enough to be listed.

After this encouraging news, Version coming soon!

Dive Logging Software Released

Xserv's first item of software has been released. Dive logger is a basic recording program to log dives in. Find it under the software section.

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